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About Us

  • Our purpose is to provide a supportive setting and community for insight meditation practice. Newcomers and beginners are always welcome.
  • We meet for regular practice on Monday evenings at from 6:30-8:00 Clifton Unitarian Church, 2231 Payne Street in Louisville. Please arrive before 6:30 as we shut the doors at that time to ensure an uninterrupted time of meditation and reflection on the dharma.
  • Before attending, we ask that you please review our practice schedule and guidelines: Guidelines for Practice.
  • There is no charge to participate. The opportunity for group practice and instruction is offered according to the Asian tradition of dana.
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The Louisville Vipassana Community does not provide personal counseling, group therapy or other mental health services.

Dharma Council

  • The Louisville Vipassana Community operates with a Dharma Council to help provide leadership within the community for a variety of tasks and activities as well as provide support for the teacher. It is composed of five people: the teacher Glenda Hodges Cook, Susan Mercke, Richard Applegate, Stuart Braune, and Phil Lloyd-Sidle. If anyone has a question or concern about LVC, any one of these persons can be approached or contacted. By email one can use this address:

Ethical Guidelines

  • View or download LVC's ethical guidelines here (PDF)
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